Yesterday, June 19 the moon started a new cycle of waxing.  The Summer Solstice is today, at 4:09 pm/pst,  the longest day of the year!

What actions, cycles and thoughts do you want to put in motion at this time of new beginnings?  By your thoughts and actions you create an expectancy.

What are you drawing to yourself?

What are you inviting into your life?

What creative impulses are you ready to initiate?

Is your Life enhanced by your thoughts?

Take an inventory right now.  Simple question:  What would you like to bring to fruition this summer?

Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

A teacher of mine reminds me to do 5 simple things on a weekly basis:


Have fun

Use Creativity outside of work – singing, dancing, gardening, cooking, entertaining, etc.

Gratitude – every morning – Thank you for my health.  Thank you for my family.  Thank you…

Journal of accomplishments:  write in a small book one or two sentences regarding your accomplishments for the day.  Feel into how good it felt to…finish a project, negotiate a deal, resolve an issue. Give yourself kudos for showing up.

The bumble bee pictured above was literally rolling in the California Poppy flower’s pollen.  I watched it move from blossom to blossom rolling in the beds of pollen.  It looked like fun!   You go bee!

What is your pollen?  What feeds you? What activities, relationships, pollinate you?  Make you flower?

The moments matter:  when nature ripples through you.  Those moments of being filled…with beauty, with the “A Ha”, with awe invite a cellular response.  These moments are health enhancing.

The following is a guided meditation that can be done seated.  Find a comfortable chair and allow yourself a few moments with your phone ringer turned off.

Seated comfortably imagine yourself closing your eyes.  Draw a protective circle around yourself, this is your private space.  Take a moment to breathe and center.  Tune into your internal space by breathing consciously.

Feel your feet anchored to the ground, spreading into the surface of the floor; feel the floor respond by holding your feet.  Drop an imaginary tap-root down out of your tail bone.  Let it slowly descend to the center of the earth.  Allow your shoulders to relax, to move away from your ear lobes.  As you breathe in, imagine the Earth’s energy rising and filling you.  As you exhale release fatigue and any uneasiness.  Imagine these seeping out of your body and dissipating into the Earth.  Breathe in the energy of the water and the minerals of the Earth.  Breathe these up through your legs into your trunk.

Feel your solar plexus area, directly behind your navel.  Inhale and breathe in the energy of the Sun/Light into this area of your body.  Feel the warmth, power and brightness.  Nourish yourself by breathing in this sun energy in just the right amount for you today, this new season, this time in your life.  As you exhale imagine any discomfort, tiredness being released at your lower back.  Do this a few times.  Fill your Solar Plexus and empty out.

Feel the energy rising up and spilling over your shoulders, rising up past the top of your head. Take a deep inhalation and feel the air element as it fills you.

Feed yourself with these elements.  Feel your strength, your grace, your place on Earth.  Notice that which is grounded in you.  See your self blossoming, producing, exchanging, communicating, living.   Allow the movement.  What needs to fall away, to be expressed?  You as a living entity experience the cycles of the Seasons.  Acknowledge and embrace these cycles.  Feel the growth enfolding within you!

Gently open your eyes and notice how your feel.

Whispers of the Breath Diva:

Live in your body and celebrate your Life!