I am a mind/body fitness professional who wants to share ideas, experiences and knowledge.  I also enjoy cooking and food. My plan is to blog weekly; perhaps I will blog more often.  I will include  some inspirational thoughts – an “In this moment” sub category of this blog also know as “Whispers of the Breath Diva®”

Physical activity is paramount; we were designed to move.  Our modern life has us sitting or in our heads way too much of our day.  The demands of our life are not ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’, simply put, the challenge may be to carve out time to move.

I explain to my USF students that there are 3 categories of activity:  health, fitness and athletic.  If I have health issues, i.e. pre- diabetic, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, etc.  I will need to follow standards set by ACSM.   American Council of Sports Medicine, recommends 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week, i.e. walking is moderate exercise.  When I first started my fitness career it was recommended that if you wanted to maintain your body mass,  work out 3 days a week.  If you wanted to become more lean, workout 5 days a week.

For someone interested in moderate activity to stay healthy, a simple pedometer is a great tool.  I use a Fitbit at the present time.  It records my steps, miles, stairs and calories.  The goal is 10,000 steps a day.  I like it as a tool to assess how much activity I am actually doing because what I can quantify I can calibrate.  I like to think of lifestyle choices as setting a thermostat.   Depending on our obligations and goals, our activity level may be up; other times our family responsibilities and work obligations are predominate.  We have to set the thermostat to balance these factors in our lives.  I call this “self-regulation”; it may not be a sexy sounding phrase; it works!

I have a rule…

RULE # 1  Don’t let more than one day go in-between some form of exercise.

I like this rule because if the demands of work and ‘life’ don’t allow for a visit to your health club or a walk/run outdoors, you are able to make it happen the next day.  You can give yourself some slack and know that you will get at least 5000 steps the next day or get in at least two 15 minutes walks.  Deepak Chopra, MD and Mind/Body Guru suggest walking 5 blocks after dinner.  He tells us this will aid digestion.

I tell my clients that the simple act of walking has three important functions that you may not even realize.  We all know that exercise is good for our heart.  #1 It increases both our heart rate and our respiratory rates.  #2  It stimulates our lymphatic system.  Unlike our blood which is pumped by our heart, the lymph is assisted by movement on it’s journey to the heart and lungs.  #3  Our internal organs are toned by movement.  When we sit, especially if we are slouching at our desks, our organs can be compressed.  When we walk, run – exercise in general – we are allowing those organs to decompress and even be rhythmically rocked!  This aids in the circulation in and around our organs. 

I will discuss ‘fitness’ and ‘athletic’ categories of activity in future blogs.

Bottom line we live in our bodies, not our houses or our cities.  Some would argue we live in our ‘minds’; granted we are mental beings.  And, the truth is, the backdrop of our existence is this marvelous vehicle our body!

Whispers of the Breath Diva:

“In this moment I can fully inhale, fully receive Life Force, Vitality and Energy!”